BMC - Concert Hall
1093 Budapest, Mátyás str. 8.



The final concert of the Transparent Sound Festival is a cooperation with the Berlin-based Heroines of Sound Festival. Both festivals commissioned Hungarian composer Judit Varga to compose two independent but interconnected works for two different ensembles – and thus, Anamorphoses 01 and 02 were born. The first was premiered in Berlin in July 2019 by LUX:NM and appears in tonight’s program. The second work premiered at our opening concert in Budapest. In addition, Laura Mello´s Pidg In Note Out, also commissioned by Heroines of Sound Festival, will receive its Hungarian premiere. The program was conceived by Bettina Wackernagel, artistic director of Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin.


The Heroines of Sound concert at the Transparent Sound Festival 2020 puts the spotlight contemporary composition in Germany with works by Laura Mello, Oxana Omelchuk, Lisa Streich and Sarah Nemtsov, alongside the Hungarian composer Judit Varga. With a broad range of styles and techniques, all works expand the classical set-up of the concert with extended techniques that employ electronics, video and light – presenting the audience with new perspectives on current sound practice. Apart from Oxana Omelchuk, all compositions were written especially for the ensemble and have been premiered by Lux:NM.” (Bettina Wackernagel)


LUX:NM contemporary music ensemble berlin is an ensemble specialized in contemporary music and renowned for its authentic and energetic interpretations. LUX:NM devotes itself to performing and considers itself to be an initiator of contemporary music. Intense periods of collaboration result in extraordinary new projects where electronics and visual concepts find their place naturally. The ensemble’s much sought after instrumentalists perform regularly on major concert stages and in contemporary music festivals. With their diverse programming, the ensemble places an emphasis on illuminating different aspects of contemporary music. The album LUXUS was awarded the German Record Critic’s Award and was placed on their List of the Best.


Heroines of Sound Festival
presents early female pioneers and present heroines of electronic sound in concerts, performances, videos and discussion events. The overall aim is to present the works of female artists in electronic music and media art to a wider audience. Going beyond the standard festival circuit, the format is linked with many partners, establishing new events and sparking lively discourse. Since 2014, the Berlin based festival has featured more than 180 top women artists from over 24 countries and presented showcases and cooperations with partner festivals and institutions in Poland, France, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Mexiko. Today the festival is esteemed for its pioneering work in presenting electronic music created by women and has gained wordwide recognition.



(Varga Judit: Anamorphoses 01 (2019)

Commissioned by the Heroines of Sound funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Lisa Streich: Mole’s Breath (2019)

Commissioned by Ensemble LUX:NM, funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.)


  • Laura Mello: Pidg In Note Out
  • Judit Varga: Anamorphoses 01
  • Lisa Streich: MOLE’S BREATH
  • Sarah Nemtsov: Journal
  • Oxana Omelchuk: 5 WIDMUNGEN AN DIE VERBORGENEN EMPFÄNGER, für Akkordeon und Zuspiel


  • Ruth Velten - saxophone
  • Florian Juncker - trombone
  • Silke Lange - accordion
  • Sebastian Berweck - piano
  • Zoé Cartier - cello
  • Martin Offik - sound director