BMC - Concert Hall
1093 Budapest, Mátyás str. 8.


Modern Art Orchestra performs pieces and transcriptions of songs and other works composed by László Melis.

László Melis started writing his composition in 2014, specifically intended for the MAO – however, it remained unfinished. The title of the work is Pepi bácsi meséi (The Tales of Uncle Pepi), and the orchestra has already played its only completed movement in 2015, during their American tour. It was expanded and finished by the orchestra’s creative director, and the piece’s soloist, Kornél Fekete-Kovács. With this, and with his other works we would like to commemorate László Melis during the Transparent Sound Festival. 

In the first 15 minutes of the concert the orchestra will perform one of the works of Col Legno, who is the student of the MAO Master Class, an academy for big band composers, funded by Artisjus.

The concept of the academy is that in the season from September to May the Modern Art Orchestra performs a piece by a composer, whose work has never premiered before. The orchestra received several excellent applications, of which the board of curators chose 9 finalists. The academy also has open events, where people, after pre-registration, can take a look at the backstage processes. All information can be found on the orchestra’s Facebook page.

Since its forming in 2005, Modern Art Orchestra has been a melting pot for the artistry of highly qualified young musicians in Hungary’s classical music and jazz scene. Founder and director of the band, Hungary’s leading trumpeter Kornél Fekete-Kovács established the first line of musicians with the dream of operating a contemporary orchestra which would focus on playing compositions by some of the best contemporary creative musicians of the country. Through its first years of activity, Modern Art Orchestra received masterpieces from composers like Péter Eötvös.  Since the first chapter of its story, MAO has gained the status of an internationally renowned orchestra that is engaged in many genres of music including jazz, pop, classical or contemporary ensemble. It has had countless successful projects together with the world’s leading musicians from Bob Mintzer, Dave Liebman or Wallace Roney through Rhoda Scott, Erika Miklósa, Mike Garson, Benny Golson and Randy Brecker – just to mention a few.


Modern Art Orchestra’s repertory contains more than 30 hours of music uniquely composed for, dedicated to and premiered by the orchestra. It began its career with being a crossover formation that plays mostly contemporary compositions, and provides stage appearance to young performing talents thus being a creative artistic workshop for a handful of carefully chosen young musicians. Now after over 13 years of its ambitious activity, the band has gained its status as a creative ensemble with fresh and unique style that is sought after by many of the world’s leading artists as an accompanying partner to their latest projects.


  • Col Legno: A Duna
  • László Melis: Dalok a „Halálutak és angyalok”-ból
  • László Melis: Etüd három tükörre
  • László Melis: A szertartás (In memoriam Hajnóczy Péter)
  • László Melis: Pepin bácsi meséi


  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács - Artistic director