operátó a beatboxig – a kiterjesztett emberi hang

Frauke Aulbert koncertje vendég: Bartha Márk

Interactive beatbox and vocal improvisation workshop with Ernő Rubik at 17:30.


Frauke Aulbert is a classically trained singer who has mastered, in addition to opera singing, numerous traditional and more recently developed vocal techniques. Her solo concert in Budapest will showcase the three principal pillars of her repertoire. These include new works composed specifically for her and employing beatbox and other techniques, performative pieces incorporating various sensors or other electronic devices, and a few other compositions written for solo voices that she presents for their reference value, as the range of vocal performance tools for the stage expanded over the course of the second half of the 20th century. The guest for the evening will be composer and two-time Hungarian beatboxing champion Márk Bartha.


The Budapest-based composer, Márk Bartha, works with visual media, theater and dance productions. As he graduated from the electronic music course at the University of Pécs, he has always followed an experimental approach in composing, while as the two-time Hungarian champion of beatboxing it is still the work with human voice that interests him the most. His solo performances are a mix of these references, as he creates an electroacoustic composition on stage, using electronic instruments and human voices with sound effects.



Bartha Márk: Vokális elektroakusztikus szóló szett (2020)

Frauke Aulbert: VOICE LAB (2019) 

Brigitta Muntendorf (*1980): Bright No More. Public Privay #6(2017) voice, effect pedal, tape, video

Cathy Berberian: Stripsody (1966) 

Luigi Nono: La fabricca Illuminata 

Georges Aperghis: (*1945) Récitation pour voix seule 

Nr. 11 

– Nr 13: Kat Ga (1977-78) 

Alexander Schubert (*1980): Your fox’s, a dirty gold (2011) voice, e-guitar, motion sensors, live-electronics, light


  • Márk Bartha: Vokális elektroakusztikus szóló szett (2020)
  • Frauke Aulbert: VOICE LAB (2019)
  • Brigitta Muntendorf: Bright No More. Public Privacy #6 (2017)
  • Cathy Berberian: Stripsody (1966)
  • Luigi Nono: La fabbrica illuminata
  • Georges Aperghis: Récitation pour voix seule, Nr. 11, Nr. 13: Kat Ga (1977-1978)
  • Alexander Schubert: Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold (2011)


  • Frauke Aulbert
  • Márk Bartha